St. Paul's & Ridgewood at shenango valley

Employee Appreciation



all of the orders placed will be processed in groups and sent to st. paul's or the ridgewood at shenango valley for pick up. We will be processing groups of orders every two weeks.

orders may be placed through may 31st. no orders will be accepted after this date.



  1. Click on the item you want.

  2. Scroll through colors to see the available options. Note the color(s) you would like.

  3. Select Size and Quantity.

  4. Hit "Add to Cart"

  5. In Pop-up window, select your color and your design (St. Paul's, St. Paul's Without Walls or Ridgewood at Shenango Valley (indicated as Ridgewood within store)). Make sure you select the correct design!

  6. Hit "Add to Cart"

  7. Continue Shopping or Head to Cart to check out.

  8. In cart, select "Checkout"

  9. Fill out the form as indicated. Place the order in your name as it appears on your paycheck (not a nickname).

  10. When you reach the "Payment" part of the form, you will need to enter your St. Paul's Discount Code. Choose the code equal to the total of your bill. The code will be SP + the number equal to your total purchase. You have up to $30 available. You can only use ONE code, so make sure to use the correct one! Your card will be charged the balance, if any.

    1. Example: If you order a t-shirt at $15, your code would be SP15

    2. Example 2: If you order several items totaling $45, your code would be SP30, then you would pay the difference.

discount codes:

SP12                   SP19                  SP2350               SP2750

SP13                   SP1950              SP24                   SP28

SP15                   SP1995              SP2450               SP2850

SP1650               SP20                 SP25                   SP29

SP17                    SP2050            SP2550               SP2950

SP1750                SP2150             SP26                   SP30

SP18                    SP2250            SP2650

SP1850                SP23                SP27



Because your order is custom made, we do not accept exchanges for different sizes. You have 24 hours from the store deadline to call in any changes that need to be made to your order. Sample sizes are available at our location (275 Main Street, Greenville, PA) for you to see and try on if you are unsure of the size you may need. If we do not have your item/size, we can order it in the size you believe you will need for your order and give you a call to try on.