mccc - heavy shops


THIS STORE CLOSES January 31st, 2019

YOUR PICK UP DATE IS february 14th & after

**Note: There is a two week turn around time between the close date and pick up date. However, this may be longer depending on availability of Carhartts. Some Carhartt orders may be back ordered, but we will do our best to get you your orders in a timely manner.

YOUR PICK UP LOCATION IS up to you. You can pick up at custom corner printing or at the school - we will call you once complete and you can let us know where you would like to pick it up from.


no shipping available! all items will be delivered to the school together where they can be picked up.



Because your order is custom made, we do not accept exchanges for different sizes. You have 24 hours from the store deadline to call in any changes that need to be made to your order. Sample sizes are available at our location (275 Main Street, Greenville, PA) for you to see and try on if you are unsure of the size you may need. If we do not have the item you wish to try on in store, we can order it for you in the size you think you'll need for you to try on.